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Our Mission and Story

Our story began at a STEM Club meeting where the idea of creating a platform to rate male movie actors was thrown around. By the end of the meeting, GRT chants excited the room full of nerds. Subsequently, we registered our domain and made the name official, Guys Rate Things. To establish our mission lets disect the name: Guys — Now you may ask why is this website exclusive to only men — we aren't. According to the Washington Post, "Guys" is a casual, non-gendered term. We wanted to create community open to all and not have a gender limiting and exclusive name. Rate — We plan to establish a free-speech community were all opinions are debated, yet tolerated. Lastly, Things — Display your opinions on anything from cheese to shoes. Guys Rate Things is a list forum for all to enjoy. Please support us by sharing this website with your friends and family.

Meet the Guys

Carlos Penzini, Founder

Carlos Penzini is a senior at Palmer Trinity School in Miami, Florida. He is currently class president, MUN Co-President, Honor Council Vice-President, and Investment Club President. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and immigrated to California at the young age of 3. He likes long walks on the beach and chillin' with the guys. He is very interested in Computer Science, Data Science, and Mathematics. He is not sure of his future plans but he is sure he will enjoy them. He prides himself as a Bitcoin Maximalist, free thinker, and an amateur film critic.

Carlos Penzini

Niko Gianulus, Programming Lead

Nikolas Gianulis is a senior at Palmer Trinity School. Part Puerto Rican, Greek, and Mexican, Gianulis is not afraid to mix things around in his life. Nikolas is a fan of all things STEM, especially physics and engineering. Despite knowing several programming languages, Gianulis does not plan on studying Computer Science in college because “there are people like Carlos who are”. The second in command in the GRT Ladder, Gianulis just can’t wait until Carlos “Zuckerbergs” him. All jokes aside, Gianulis believes in the GRT philosophy that anyone and everyone can be a guy.

Niko Gianulis

Nick Hernandez, Idea Man

Nick Hernandez is currently enrolled in Palmer Trinity School as a senior. He was born in Miami, Florida but has family in Spain and Cuba. He plays for the Falcon's basketball team and helps lead several clubs. He really likes fried rice and rice in general. When asked what his favorite pastime is, he simply said "coding." What a studious guy. Nick looks forward to making a space where great constructive commentary can take place.

Nick Hernandez

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